This course is for individuals who want to become a Tax Preparer and prepare taxes in the State of California, and can receive credit for federal tax experience from another state. If you are a resident of California you must complete a 60 hour Qualifying Tax Course in order to register as a CTEC Registered Tax Preparer CRTP for the first time. If you are coming to California as an experienced tax preparer, it is possible that you can meet this requirement by completing the CTEC Registered Tax Course - In Lieu of Experience, 15 Hour Course. If you have not yet purchased a course or would like to obtain more information on becoming a California Tax Return Preparer, click the following link: CTEC Registered Tax Course – In Lieu of Experience.

If you need to complete the full 60 hours of California qualifying education, as a first-time CTEC Registered Tax Preparer CRTP, click the following link: CTEC 60 Hour Qualifying Tax Course. If you are already registered with CTEC and are looking for a 20 hour California CE course, click the following link: CTEC CE 20 Hour Tax Course.

Platinum’s tax courses are available to you for six months upon registration. Our current tax courses are based on the IRS' most recently available tax laws, forms and schedules. We provide all students with tax updates throughout the year on our Platinum Blog.

Platinum Professional Services tax courses offers automatic grading, feedback on your missed questions, reading material conveniently located within each tax course with an option to print it out if you prefer to work offline and unlimited tries to pass the quizzes and final exam(s). We even offer full instructor support. Learn 24/7, online and at your own pace. Best of all, your Certificate of Completion is emailed to you immediately following the successful completion of the tax course. Platinum will then report your completion electronically to the IRS.

Please note: Exempt or credentialed tax return preparers include IRS Registered Tax Return Preparers (RTRPs), Oregon, California CTEC and other state based return preparers required to pass a testing program, CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents (EAs). Residents of California, Oregon, Maryland and New York will need to complete a state registered tax preparation course. For IRS, California Tax Education Council (CTEC), Oregon, Maryland and New York Tax Preparers click the following links: IRS AFSP CE Courses CTEC Registered Tax Preparer CE Courses, Oregon Licensed Tax Preparer CE Courses, Maryland-IRS AFSP CE Courses, New York-IRS AFSP CE Courses. Platinum also offers IRS approved continuing professional education courses (CPE) for Enrolled Agents and continuing professional education (CPE) courses for CPAs that meet most state requirements. For EAs and CPAs click the following links: Enrolled Agent CPE Courses or CPA CPE Courses. If you are a non-exempt or non-credentialed tax preparerer in any other state, you will need to purchase a CE course that includes the AFTR Course with comprehensive test. Link here for courses that meet this requirement: IRS AFSP Courses including AFTR Course. Again, if you have not yet purchased a course click the following link: CTEC Registered Tax Course – In Lieu of Experience

  • The CTEC tax course the California Franchise Tax Board form 540. Links to the reading material for each of the four quizzes consisting of 25 to 45 questions each are conveniently located in the introduction to each quiz. The Course meets the 2015-16 tax season qualifying education requirements. Current courses are based upon the IRS' most recently available tax laws, forms, and schedules.