The IRS Tax Preparation Prep Courses listed below will prepare you to become a more knowledgable tax preparer. Platinum’s IRS tax courses are approved under IRS provider number JK8E2. To access your course, click on the course title you purchased below. If you have not yet purchased a course click the following link for more information: 2017 IRS Tax Return Preparer Prep Course

Platinum’s tax courses are available to you for six months upon registration. Our current tax courses are based on the IRS' most recently available tax laws, forms and schedules. We provide all students with tax updates throughout the year on our Platinum Blog site.

Platinum Professional Services tax courses offers automatic grading, feedback on your missed questions, reading material conveniently located within each tax course with an option to print it out if you prefer to work offline and unlimited tries to pass the quizzes and final exam(s). We even offer full instructor support. Learn 24/7, online, and at your own pace. Best of all, your Certificate of Completion is emailed to you immediately following the successful completion of the tax course. Platinum will then report your completion electronically to the IRS.

Please note: Exempt or credentialed tax return preparers include IRS Registered Tax Return Preparers (RTRPs), Oregon, California CTEC and other state based return preparers required to pass a testing program, CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents (EAs). Please note that residents of California, Oregon, and Maryland are required to complete a state registered tax preparation course. For the California Tax Education Council, Oregon, and Maryland, click the following links: CTEC Registered Tax Preparer CE Courses,Oregon Licensed Tax Preparer CE Courses,Maryland-IRS AFSP CE Courses. Platinum also offers IRS approved continuing professional education courses (CPE) for Enrolled Agents and continuing professional education (CPE) courses for CPAs that meet most state requirements. For EAs and CPAs click the following links: Enrolled Agent CPE Courses or CPA CPE Courses.

  • Whether you are looking to start your own tax practice or find employment as a tax preparer, your tax preparation career starts here. Earn your Tax Return Preparer Certificate of Completion and start your career as a Tax Return Preparer - even if you have no prior tax experience. This course covers tax theory, current year tax changes and updates and ethics for the tax practitioner. Please Note: Tax return preparers that are not Enrolled Agents do not currently have to meet mandatory IRS testing or continuing education requirements. This tax course covers individual personal and small business 1040 tax returns including forms 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040 (long form), personal tax return schedules and other common tax return forms including the small business Schedule C. Using reading assignments, actual IRS publications and forms, a series of 385 questions will help you to become proficient with the IRS' terminology, guidelines, and procedures. The course also includes a comprehensive tax return exercise.We provide all students with tax updates throughout the year on our Platinum Blog site. This course is available to you for six months from the purchase date.
    Platinum Professional Service's Tax School offers automatic grading, feedback, and Certificates of Completions emailed to you immediately following the successful completion of each tax course section. Learn to complete tax returns and get started with your new tax preparer career, with this course.

  • The IRS CE Tax Course includes six hours of the Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) course with comprehensive test (IRS course #JK8E2-A-00108-18-S), ten hours of federal tax law (IRS course #JK8E2-T-00096-18-S), and two hours of ethics (IRS course #JK8E2-E-00094-18-S), per the required IRS guidelines. To participate in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program one must complete 18 credit hours of continuing education (CE) annually by December 31st using an IRS Approved Provider to maintain and receive the Annual Filing Season Program Qualification. Our IRS CE Tax course meets the IRS' requirement. The IRS CE 18 hour tax course is actually three tax courses in one. Tax Course #1 covers the personal income tax return, form 1040. Topics include non-business income, adjustments to income, credits and tax payments and provides ten hours of CPE credit. Tax Course #2 covers ethical issues for the tax practitioner. Issues involving the possession of tax records, charging of fees for the preparation of taxes and when is a tax practitioner acting in a disreputable or incompetent manner, are reviewed and provides two hours of CPE credit. Tax Course #3 is the Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course and covers IRS required subjects divided into three domains. Domain 1: New Tax Law and Recent Updates. Domain 2: General Review. Domain 3: Ethics, Practices and Procedures. The three combined courses will meet the IRS requirement for the number of CE credit hours and provide the knowledge you need to prepare taxes. A series of quizzes will then test your understanding of key topics. In addition, final tests will be given at the end of the course. This includes the required AFTR Course comprehensive test, which is a 100 question, timed test (3 hours maximum time limit). You must receive a passing grade of 70% on this test in order to receive the course Certificate of Completion and participate in the IRS Annual Tax Refresher Program.